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I am thankful for social networking sites. One of November’s delights is that people strive daily to name that for which they are thankful. I see references to friends, teachers, apples, shelter, pets, music, and more. My inner curmudgeon grouses that if people can do this in November, then they can do it every day. So much for the inner curmudgeon!

So I am thankful this month for social networking sites and the opportunity to catch up with friends unseen for long years, but still part of the mental landscape—friends from childhood and adolescence, college friends and teachers, people in the different towns and cities in which I’ve lived and worked. Prior to the development of the Web and this form of networking, losing touch with folks was the norm. None of us could make that many telephone calls or write that many letters. When I was at Fork Union Military Academy, we had certain times each week in which we were supposed to write letters home—presumably to let parents know that we were well. I complained a lot. Our methods of communication are much improved since those days of five- and six-cent stamps and standing in line as one of 500 who wanted to use one of the three pay telephones.

I’m especially grateful for friends who joined the conversation as I worked on A World Worth Saving. Some offered encouragement. Others asked and responded to questions that helped me clarify the chapter on justice. The next project continues its development and you’ll hear more about it through the same networking sites.

I hope that you’re enjoying the goodness of November.