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Some unintentional time off from the blog because of a full Christmas holiday schedule at church and with other facets of life, including some unexpected and small writing tasks that needed quick turnaround. I enjoyed leading the Advent and Christmas services of worship and delighted in visits from the family scattered and gathered yet again. I drank a seasonal drink or two—a mocha-spearmint-sugared coffee and a nutmeg-allspice-heavy cream coffee. Today it’s back to a normal cup of Armenian coffee!

On this fourth day of Christmas, I’m looking forward to a little less distraction. I’m very much aware that my normal practices and routines were disrupted by the holiday schedule. By the eighth day of Christmas I hope that I will have returned to semi-normal daily practices of devotional reading, prayer, writing, research, exercise, and other work and play.

It is still Christmas. By the time we celebrate Armenian Christmas and Epiphany (January 6), I hope to be back to regular disciplines. I will soon be teaching the material in A World Worth Saving, doing some book signings, and finishing another writing project. After Epiphany the church season becomes known as Ordinary Time. How undistracted it will be to live in ordinary time!