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During a lull in the backgammon games at the coffee club, we began to discuss television advertising. Shuggy Measles said, “Hey, I got an idea. You should make an ad for your book and put it on the Super Bowl.”

“Shuggy, you should stick to backgammon. What do you know about marketing and sales?” I was actually impressed that he liked A World Worth Saving enough to throw out this idea.

“I know that a lot of people watch television just to see the ads. Wouldn’t it be cool to throw your book up there?”

Scarlett Mgrdtchian said, “I’ve read the book and I think it’s good, but what would you show? The book cover? A still picture wouldn’t make a very good ad, but it would contrast with all the glitz.”

“No, it’s a book about action. Show people doing what the book asks them to do. You know—give up apathy and feed the hungry and extend hospitality to all people and help those in need. I could see lots of action on behalf of justice. There’s a lot of good stories in that book that you could show in a television ad.”

About that time another round of Armenian coffee showed up and Shuggy got interested in another game of backgammon.

You won’t see an ad for A World Worth Saving or for Ms. Anne Thrope’s Coffee Club on network television. We don’t have the budget for that sort of thing. If we had that kind of money, we would use it to serve others and relate the work to the reign of God. Thank you for joining in that work.

A World Worth Saving: Lenten Spiritual Practices for Action is available online in print and electronic format. Here are a few links: