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“Another loss,” said Moose Kerniklian. The local college baseball team is struggling this season after five very successful years.

“Yeah, they just don’t have the will to win,” said Brandy Measles. “They need a new coach. Someone who can make them want to win.”

“Nobody plays the game to lose. He’s a good coach. This is a building year. The coach has to play mainly freshman because so many players graduated or left last year. No one complained about him when the team was winning. They’ll be OK next year.”

So goes the conversation about baseball this time of year. Most of it concerns wins and losses, but some members of the local sporting nation are saying that they hope the team continues to lose so that the coach will be fired.

I wonder if these people hope that their business will falter so that the other guy will lose a job or if they work against the purpose of the business to sabotage that other person. I want every coffee house to succeed. Do these same people work against the club down the street or the church across the road to make their own whatever look better? Do they also hope that their nation will falter so that the President or other leaders will look bad? Nobody wins at that game.

In March of 1799, Patrick Henry said in a speech: “United we stand, divided we fall. Let us not split into factions which must destroy that union upon which our existence hangs.” Sound advice for sports nations and other entities.