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Because we’re moving Ms. Anne Thrope’s Coffee Club, we decided to share our recipe, which does not contain 17 secret herbs or 57 different ingredients. It contains water, coffee, sugar, and sometimes a little cardamom. Now people who originate recipes always have their little tricks that don’t get written into the recipe text. If possible, watch an old Armenian make the coffee.

When someone orders Armenian coffee, we pull out the soorjaman that has been handed down for two or three generations to make the coffee. If you cannot find a soorjaman (Armenian coffee pot), a small sauce pan will work. (Taner Mehmet refers to the soorjaman as a jezbet, but we accept Taner’s quirks because he is willing to go against official government policy and talk about the Genocide.) Demitasse cups and saucers are good, though one person drinks coffee from a glass mug while playing backgammon.

3 Tablespoons coffee, pulverized
2-3 Tablespoons sugar
8 ounces water

2 or 3 demitasse cups or one mug

Have cups or mug ready.
Pour one cup of cold water in the soorjaman.
Add coffee and stir thoroughly.
Add sugar and stir again.
Put the soorjaman on high heat and watch carefully.

An important point: Do not let the coffee boil! Watch the pot. Whether you watch or don’t watch the pot, it will boil; however, an unwatched pot will boil over, hit the burners, dance on the stove, and create a mess and a bit of a stink. Do not let the coffee boil!

The coffee mixture will begin to foam in the heating process. That is good and normal! Take the pot off the heat. Skim the foam from the soorjaman and put the foam into the coffee cups. Remember: DO NOT let the coffee boil.

Let the coffee rest a few seconds and then put the coffee back on the heat. Remove as it begins to foam. Remove from heat, skim foam and add to coffee cups, and let the coffee rest a few seconds. Heat a third time and repeat the process with the foam.

Pour a little coffee into demitasse cups and continue until cups are full. If using one mug, pour away!

At the bottom of the coffee cup will be a mudlike coating of grounds. That’s normal. When you’re done with the drinkable part, place the saucer on top of the cup and then turn the cup upside down and away from your heart. Give the grounds time to coat the sides of the cup. At Ms. Anne Thrope’s if she’s around and you’re polite, Zaroui Der Kaimakamian will read the grounds and tell your fortune to you.