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Banality, bromide, chestnut, cliché, groaner, commonplace—OK, I visited my thesaurus because I saw yet another trite ad that began:

“Everybody’s talking about _______.”

Most of us ignore that lie, which is a banality and worse. Let’s retire the phrase.

US culture consists of so many different niche and specialized groups that generalists seem no longer to exist. That is the nature of a pluralistic culture and, affirming the obvious, why so many people who once felt settled and comfortable now feel culture’s foundations quaking. The only reason people unite in conversation is that the product or resource does not deliver as promised or is shoddily crafted—but we’re still far from everybody.

Here at Ms. Anne Thrope’s Wandering Coffee & Chess Club and Conversational Palace, all our friends engage in frequently feisty conversations, but never about the same subject. Talk with you soon over a cup of Armenian coffee.