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Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the variety of opinions expressed by all the blogs and tweets and status updates and photo comments plus access to every magazine and journal and newspaper published in every portion of the globe? I do. When I begin to write something, my inner editor asks, “Is this necessary? Hasn’t this been covered 31,486 times already in the last hour?” And before I can answer my inner voice, I’m chasing twelve new links and maybe tracking a squirrel’s progress among the trees in the yard.

The wilderness of words swallows us the way sandstorms in the desert swallow cities.

So I invite you to take a break and read something a bit more sustained.  Three Prayers You’ll Want to Pray is the title of my new book. In a gentle way, the book examines three beautiful prayers:

  • “For all that has been–Thanks! / To all that shall be–Yes!”–Dag Hammarskjold
  • The Serenity Prayer–Reinhold Niebuhr
  • The prayer that begins “Our Father….”–Jesus of Nazareth

I include a simple model for daily prayer.

Three Prayers You’ll Want to Pray is available as a paperback and in a number of ebook formats. I hope that you will enjoy the book.