In Days to Come: from Advent to Epiphany, my new book, is now available from the usual booksellers.

In Days to Come is a marvelous resource for people wanting to journey more deeply into Christian discipleship and formation. George Donigian’s prose is elegant but accessible; his personal anecdotes are rich and instructive; his insights into biblical figures are fresh and compelling. With neatly ordered chapters and helpful questions for each week, Donigian weaves together a study guide that encourages us to look at our practices from the perspective of Christianity through the centuries. As a result, we are encouraged to give thanks for all that has been and recognize what God has done throughout history.–Mark Vikram Purushotham, Filmmaker & Media Producer

At last! An Advent book that also includes the Christmas season and Epiphany. I have often felt like Advent devotionals fall flat by spilling us into the Christmas cradle and leaving us there to fend for ourselves. George Donigian has given us an opportunity to follow the season to its logical conclusion—the Epiphany revelation of Christ’s coming. Readers will appreciate this window into the season and into the author’s kind soul. The themes are relevant, the writing is compelling, and the design and flow of each section is helpful. I cannot wait until Advent begins this year!—Safiyah Fosua, Associate Professor of Spiritual Formation,Indiana Wesleyan University