About Ms. Anne Thrope’s Coffee Club

Ms. Anne Thrope’s Coffee House began with an American literature exam.

Question: If you could give a name to the governess in The Turn of the Screw, what would it be? Why?

Initial Response: #@$(!*#!)(^#%$+* (American, Armenian, and other profanities muttered quietly)

Written Response: Ms. Anne Thrope

That response startled the professor who gave me full credit. I leave it to you to read The Turn of the Screw and to name the governess. Who am I to improve upon Henry James?

And so it continued. Ms. Anne Thrope and many other fictional characters travel rather constantly with me. They simply people my imagination and sometimes leap out in thoughtful or silly ways. We all need different forms of stress relief.

In addition to happenings at Ms. Anne Thrope’s, you may find brief reflections on culture.



1 thought on “About Ms. Anne Thrope’s Coffee Club”

  1. Don E Saliers said:

    Very much in Saroyan’s sprit.🌻….

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